Digital printing on garments

Print Logistic offers direct digital printing on various types of materials. Digital technology has been available in many European countries for several years now, offering high, even photographic quality of printing and competitive prices, especially at low print runs. In Poland Print Logistics is the first to offer this technology, offering our clients high quality digital printing in full color with tonal transition.

Print Logistic works with clients that want to constantly improve the quality of their products. We use Kornit machines with patented technology of printing on colored materials. We use only eco-friendly water-based inks and the print is applied directly onto the material, which greatly improves the production process.

Advantages of digital printing:

  • unlimited range of colours,
  • very high print quality,
  • speed of implementation,
  • resistant to external factors,
  • retains its excellent quality after washing,
  • possibility of printing on finished products (shirts, blouses, trousers, caps, children’s clothes.)
  • possibility of printing on products together with buttons, expresses, pockets with printing of all these elements,
  • use of ecological water-based paints,

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DTG vs Screen Printing

Another advantage of the technology we use is its efficiency. The diagram below shows that an alternative method of printing, i.e. silkscreen printing, becomes more cost-effective only with over 200 pieces of printing on white materials and about 150 pieces on coloured ones. Moreover, screen printing technology does not allow full colour printing with tonal transitions and each additional colour increases the cost.

Print sample: