Micro Factory

Logistic service for online and retail shops

We are the only company in Poland to offer an innovative logistics system for online stores for printed clothing and textiles. We offer a comprehensive full service including printing, cutting, sewing, warehousing, picking and drop shipping direct to your customer. Thanks to us you save time, increase Your shop’s stock availability and do not tie up your capital in printed stock on your shelves. We serve Your online shop with Your brand. You work for Your brand and we handle Your e-commerce needs.

Advantages of Print Logistic:

  • save time,
  • one price includes all services
  • increase the number of products in the shop to infinity,
  • increase conversion in the shop,
  • shipment of goods to the customer in 24 hours,
  • permanently available products in your shop,
  • no tied up capital in printed goods,
  • rapid response to market changes
  • exchange of designs in the shop within 24 hours,
  • we print only when the order appears in the system,
  • we print on any customer’s clothing.
  • every day we are able to print and send 2000 pieces.

Our Workflow

We work with these brands: