Digital Printing on Fabrics

Print Logistic is the first company in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe to own and operate a Kornit Allegro digital printer. Thanks to this technology we are able to print any graphic design on a range of fabrics and knitwear including all natural fiber fabrics and from as little as a 10 meter fabric run we charge no setup fees. We are also the only company to have an innovative print&cut system and combine Kornit quality print with an advanced Zund textile cutter. We even have our own highly experienced seamstresses so we can print, cut and sew to order

If you are you looking for quality printed product and innovation for your customers take advantage of our services! We will create for you precise and color saturated prints on almost all fabrics and textiles and thanks to the latest digital technology we achieve the highest quality, full color reproduction every time.

We work with tailors, dressmakers, fashion houses and textile artists and all those who aspire to create unique, innovative and original products from and with printed materials. We guarantee attractive prices and an almost photographic reproduction of the designs and graphics sent to us. And we pride ourselves on professional customer service. Check out a selection of our projects.

Highest quality digital printing by the metre

Our products are characterized not only by the exceptional color reproduction, but also by the acknowledged precision of our print process and the durability of the print finish.

We use only advanced Kornit Digital printing machines, and the ecological paints used by us are certified as environmentally safe. We take pride in all stages of the print process and ensure that all specified parameters and digital alignment of the pattern on all fabrics meets and accedes our clients expectations.

Try the latest global digital technology in Poland. Stay ahead of the competition and work with us.

We provide:

  • vivid and full color digital prints,

  • perfect reproduction of even the most complex designs and graphics

  • durable print finishes,

  • wash and iron resistant,

  • access to a database of ready-made designs.