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Print Logistic uses only certified raw materials, inks and consumables

We are able to produce and ship your garments to the end consumer in 48H

Our new premises allow us to produce on demand more than 3000 fully customized products per day

We are covering European Union markets with 24 hour product delivery SLA

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Kornit Presto S

Print$Logistics is one of the first companies in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe to own and operate two Kornit Presto S digital printers. Thanks to this technology we are able to print any graphic design on a range of fabrics and knitwear including all-natural fiber fabrics and from as little as a 1 roll of fabric run we charge no setup fees . We are also the only company to have an innovative print&cut system and combine Kornit quality print with an advanced Zund textile cutter. 

If you are you looking for quality printed product and innovation for your customers take advantage of our services! We will create for you precise and color saturated prints on almost all fabrics and textiles and thanks to the latest digital technology we achieve the highest quality, full color reproduction every time.

Kornit Avalanche HD6

Print Logistic offers direct digital printing on various types of materials. Digital technology has been available in many European countries for several years now, offering high, even photographic quality of printing and competitive prices, especially at low print runs. In Poland Print Logistic is the first to offer this technology, offering our clients high quality digital printing in full color with tonal transition.

Print Logistic works with clients that want to constantly improve the quality of their products. We use Kornit machines with patented technology of printing on colored materials. We use only eco-friendly water-based inks and the print is applied directly onto the material, which greatly improves the production process.

Advantages of digital printing:

  • unlimited range of colours,
  • very high print quality,
  • speed of implementation,
  • resistant to external factors,
  • retains its excellent quality after washing,
  • possibility of printing on finished products (shirts, blouses, trousers, caps, children’s clothes.)
  • possibility of printing on products together with buttons, expresses, pockets with printing of all these elements,
  • use of ecological water-based paints,


Print Logistic is unique in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. The team consists of young people with passion and knowledge and we are open to the simplest to the most demanding projects. What distinguishes us is our ability to source high-quality materials, digitally print with the most advanced printers in the global market and cut cloth using the most efficient digital mastered cutter from Switzerland and we can hand stitch and finish to order. All under one roof and supervised by experienced owners with a long family history in the sector. Thanks to such a service we are able to make the whole product from A to Z, and deliver to the highest expectations of our customers. We hand finish all of the following:

  • t-shirts,
  • dresses,
  • children’s clothing,
  • aprons,
  • bedding,
  • pillows,
  • handbags,
  • sacks.

3D Customizer

We are really excited to present you our brand new 3D CUSTOMIZER. With this powerfull feature you can move your ecommerce shop to a higher level. Print Logistic is the first company in the world which offers variety of allover print garments using only sustainable technology and fabrics. You are expanding your sales, We are fulfilling your orders. Click the button and see how this customizer boosts your sales.

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