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Print Logistic is Europe’s leading innovator in digital on-demand printing on textiles. We print on a wide variety of fabrics and knitwear. Our fulfillment center is placed in Poland. We print, cut, sew, and ship directly to you, or your customers worldwide. We can interface with all e-commerce platforms. Contact us, and we will find a perfect, tailor-made solution for your brand.

Market pioneer in on-demand manufacturing of custom designed apparel, fashion and home décor products.

Leader in Smart Factory full scope DTG & DTF on-demand printing model.

Equiped with the most innovative printing, cutting and sewing machines for sustainable production on natural fabrics.

Expert in technology intgration for digital sales, production & delivery services in apparel, fashion & home décor industries.

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Why you should try us?


We use only certified raw materials,
inks and consumables.


We produce and ship directly to
the end consumer in 48 h.


We produce on demand more than
5 000 fully customized products a day.


via wide base of trusted shipping


We are covering EU markets with
24 hour product delivery SLA


Digital On Demand Printing On Fabrics And Knitwear

With only minutes from the graphic file to the finished fabric, and a truly sustainable, waterless process, the Kornit Presto roll-to-roll printer is the fastest and most cost-effective way to print on textile. We can print anything you desire and help you create stunning fashion and home decor collections.

  • complete solution for printing, softening, and drying in one single step
  • extremely light and soft effect
  • perfect reproduction of the graphics,
  • affordable alternative to reactive printing
  • durable print finishes

Digital On Demand Printing On Garments And White-Label Products

In Print Logistic we offer direct digital printing on various types of materials and ready-made products.  Our innovative and eco-friendly technology provides high, photographic quality. We can print on buttons, expresses, and pockets. We only use ecological, certified textiles and water-based inks.

  • unlimited range of colors
  • very high print quality
  • high speed of implementatio
  • excellent resistance to washing
  • possibility of printing on ready-made products
  • printing on buttons, expresses, and pockets
  • ecological, certified textiles and inks

Print, Cut And Sew

We use an innovative ‘print, cut & sew’ system by combining the Kornit quality printing with a precise ZUND textiles cutter. We hire experienced tailors so we can print, cut and sew – to any your order. Tell us what is your need, and we’ll figure out a tailor-made solution.


A digital on demand printing technique called dye sublimation uses heat transfer to transfer an image to the target substrate. The technique, also known as digital sublimation, is frequently used to decorate mugs, poliester clothes, signage, and other products with surfaces that are conducive to sublimation.

3D Customizer


With this powerful feature, you can scale your e-commerce to the next level. Integrate it with your store and let your clients customize the products that you offer. Personalization is the key to success in the fashion industry. Contact us and find out how you can use this tool in your business.

Digital Embroidery

Design intricate patterns and gradients, and let us turn them into unique embroideries on garments that will captivate your customers. With Coloreel’s innovative on-demand digital embroidery technology, colors are limitless, and precision is unmatched. Add creative details to your designs that set your brand apart.

Print Logistic for E-commerce

We can integrate with with any e-commerce platform via custom direct API

Order Flow Management System

Gain Full Control Over Your Orders

We offer an innovative Order Flow Management System, granting you full control over your orders. With our intuitive dashboard, you gain instant visibility into critical order details, such as numbers, dates, and statuses. Not only can you track orders, but you can also customize them to meet evolving client requirements. Our panel enables swift updates for accuracy and efficiency in order management.

Print On Demand:
Direct To Fashion & Home Decor Production Process

On Demand Printing - explained
on demand printing - explained

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Custom All-Over Print Clothing
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92-410 Łódź, Poland

VAT ID: 5213737595


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Head of Sales

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Fabric Printing & B2B Sales Specialist
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International Business Development

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Customer Care
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B2B Sales Specialist
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