Print Logistic and Kornit Digital Join Forces at Texprocess 2024


Transforming Everyday Life: Experience Kornit Presto MAX at Texprocess 2024

Discover how Print Logistic and Kornit’s Presto MAX is transforming fabric printing to meet your business needs at Texprocess 2024, Frankfurt, April 23 – 26. Presto MAX is setting new benchmarks in textile design and manufacturing across multiple industries, including garment, home decor, automotive, and more. With a focus on sustainability, Presto MAX eliminates water usage and minimizes waste, ensuring your business can thrive in an eco-conscious market.

In the bustling landscape of textile innovation, one name stands out: Kornit Digital. At Texprocess 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany, from April 23rd to 26th, Kornit is poised to showcase its groundbreaking fabric printing technology, the Presto MAX. This is a great opportunity for businesses seeking sustainable, efficient, and personalized solutions in fabric printing.

Why Presto MAX is a Game Changer for Your Business

Sustainability: With increasing environmental concerns, businesses are under pressure to adopt sustainable practices. Presto MAX leads the charge by eliminating water waste entirely, allowing your brand to emerge as a leader in environmental stewardship.

Efficiency: Time is money, and Presto MAX understands that. By streamlining the production process through digital printing innovation, businesses can reduce lead times and increase output without compromising quality.

Personalization: In today’s market, consumers crave uniqueness. Presto MAX enables businesses to meet these demands for customization swiftly and efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Diverse Applications: Whether it’s technical fabrics for automotive use or trendy streetwear, Presto MAX proves its versatility across various industries and categories, ensuring that no creative vision is out of reach.

Experience Texprocess 2024

At Texprocess 2024, Kornit isn’t merely showcasing technology; it’s offering a glimpse into a future where businesses can thrive sustainably and dynamically. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience live demos and engage with the Kornit team to understand how Presto MAX can seamlessly integrate into their operations, elevating product offerings and resonating with modern consumers.

Collaborate and Innovate

Kornit recognizes that innovation thrives on collaboration. As a partner with Print Logistic, we’ve enabled seamless integration of Kornit technology into our manufacturing processes, setting new standards for sustainability, efficiency, and design. Visitors to the event can explore how this collaboration can benefit their businesses, opening doors to innovative opportunities and setting new industry benchmarks.

Step into the Future of Fabric Printing

Join us at Hall 8, Stand A32, to be part of this transformative event. Register now to secure your place and gain exclusive access to pre-event materials and updates:

It’s an opportunity to transform your business practices, network with industry leaders, and embark on the next chapter of your business journey.

Texprocess 2024 promises to be a convergence of innovation, sustainability, and collaboration—a glimpse into the future of fabric printing. Don’t miss your chance to witness the revolution firsthand.

See you in Frankfurt,