Time for Kornit Presto S!

Print Logistic is one of the first factories in the world, and the first in Poland, to offer personalized on-demand, cotton apparel and home decor service. From the very beginning, the company relies on Kornit Digital technologies, which provide the most innovative and ecological solutions on the market. Now it’s the time for Kornit Presto S – low-emission, roll-to-roll pigment printers.

How can you scale your textiles business upwards in such a tough market environment these days? Broken supply chains and the demands of a green transformation are the main challenges facing the global fashion industry. The answer is to invest in intelligent, agile technological solutions.

Intelligent means those that allow you to increase production capacity while maintaining prices and quality, are environmentally friendly and are independent of unfavorable industry factors.

That’s why, a bit against the current market trends, in Print Logistic we decided to expand our machinery park with two new machines, which, as  we believe, will empower the business of ours and our clients, to adapt  to the constantly evolving market’s needs.

Kornit Presto S – advanced solution for direct-to-fabric printing

With only minutes from the graphic file to the finished fabric, and a truly sustainable, waterless process, the Kornit Presto roll-to-roll printer appears to be the fastest and most cost-effective way to print on textile at the present moment.

Kornit’s innovative printing solution includes patented Fixation on the Fly (FOF), meaning fixation fluids are injected through the print heads, directly onto the fabric. As a result, all additional steps such as pre- and post-treatment – can be eliminated


Fashion on demand

The Presto system prints on many types of fabrics with just one set of NeoPigment ™ Rubosto eco-inks. The print heads have a very high precision, which allows rich color shades and tonal transitions.

With the new NeoPigment™ Robusto Softener, the Presto S is a complete solution for printing, softening, and drying in one single step. The use of softener allows to eliminate the stiffness, which is a common defect of the products with full print, produced in the technology of pigment printing. The finished product is extremely light and soft. Presto S provides high-quality prints, vivid colors, and great hand-feel to multiple fabric types, on-demand.

With this investment, Print Logistic can offer a high-quality solution to those companies that are looking for an affordable alternative to reactive printing which is associated with much longer waiting times and significantly higher costs, which are going to be even higher in the near future.

This is a great game changer for big, established fashion labels and for small businesses, aiming to build a brand with limited risk as well.

The speed of delivery in the e-commerce business is very crucial. That’s why we decided on the Kornit Presto S, because it’s fast, 100% eco-friendly and it stands for high quality. We believe that Print-on-Demand is the future of the fashion business. We expect that the investment in new machines will turn out to be a big milestone for our company and for our partners.

Michał Tracz, CEO of Print Logistic.

About Kornit Presto S:

Printing methodPigment printing, an innovative “wet on wet” printing method
Ink typeKornit’s water-based NeoPigmentTM Robusto ink + Fixation Agent (FOF)
MaterialsCotton, polyester, Lycra, viscose, linen, leather, denim, silk, wool and more
Printing resolutionUp to 1200 DPI
ApplicationAll-over print garments, baby apparel, accessories, home accessories, furniture and many more 

About Print Logistic:

Print Logistic is the most innovative on-demand manufacturer in Europe. We use the most innovative printing, cutting, and sewing machines.

Our proprietary software allows us to integrate with any e-commerce platform via API. We are able to produce and ship over 3000 completely different products daily while maintaining a 48-hour SLA. We offer packaging, branding, and shipping services to end customers