Print Logistics Welcomes New International Growth Expert

Olesja Becker - Print Logistic

We are delighted to welcome Olesja Becker, an experienced international growth expert, to the Print Logistics team.

Olesja runs her own company for more than 12 years, where she specializes in internationalizing the fashion industry. Alongside her entrepreneurial pursuits, she has also lent her expertise as a management consultant to top-tier companies such as Otto Group and Best Secret in Germany for the past five years.

Michal Tracz, the CEO of Print Logistics: “Our team is dedicated to delivering the most cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Olesja’s business scaling experience, combined with our technology and unwavering commitment to excellence, makes us the go-to choice for fashion brands and corporations seeking to innovate and expand.”

“I am thrilled to join the Print Logistics team as we share the vision that on-demand fashion is the future. With our combined expertise, I am confident that we can revolutionize textile production and make it more intelligent and sustainable,” says Olesja Becker.

Olesja is convinced that the state-of-the-art factory of Print Logistic can provide solutions to brands of all sizes to be more flexible in adjusting their order quantities to match demand. This approach reduces excess inventory and optimizes production costs, leading to a more sustainable and cost-effective supply chain.

“Our mission is to create a smarter and more sustainable textile production system that benefits both the industry and the environment. I look forward to collaborating with Print Logistic to make this vision a reality,” concludes Olesja.

If you’re looking to launch new products to the market faster and more sustainably than ever before, we have the solutions you need. Contact us today, and we’ll elevate your supply chain to the next level!