Print Logistic Empowers Digital Printing Capabilities with Cutting-Edge Machinery

At Print Logistic, unwavering commitment to growth and innovation has always been our driving force. We understand that staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry requires investing in the best, intelligent, and sustainable technologies. With great excitement, we unveil the arrival of new groundbreaking machines that will revolutionize our production capabilities and redefine the Fashion on Demand landscape. Get ready to embark on a journey exploring the limitless possibilities offered by the remarkable Kornit Atlas Max and Kornit Presto Max technologies. Meet the potential to elevate your brand and surpass the ever-growing market expectations.


Experience Unmatched Precision and Excellence with Kornit Atlas Max for DTG Printing

Kornit Atlas Max is an innovative printing machine designed specifically for industrial applications. With its advanced MAX technology, it enables users to achieve exceptional and consistent results that meet the highest standards of global brands. This machine enhances production efficiency, reduces operational costs, and provides unparalleled reliability. What sets Kornit Atlas Max apart is its ability to create unique designs with remarkable flexibility, revolutionizing the Fashion on Demand industry. One of the standout features of Kornit Atlas Max is its pioneering digital 3D decorative applications. This groundbreaking technology allows for the generation of stunning 3D effects, including threadless embroidery, high-density prints, vinyl-like textures, screen transfer emulations, and much more. With Kornit Atlas Max, you can push the boundaries of design, opening up endless possibilities for captivating and innovative visual experiences.

Investing in Excellence: Print Logistic’s Three State-of-the-Art Kornit Atlas Max Machines

At Print Logistic, we have taken our commitment to new heights by investing not in one, but three state-of-the-art Kornit Atlas Max machines. We are confident that its cutting-edge technology  will empower us to serve our clients even better, with faster turnaround times, increased capacity, and unmatched printing versatility. The Kornit Atlas Max enables us to produce vibrant, durable, and eco-friendly prints, catering to the ever-evolving demands of our customers and the market.

Redefine Direct-to-Fabric Production with the Capabilities of Kornit Presto Max

The Kornit Presto Max, with its advanced technology and sustainable approach, allows us to meet the highest quality standards set by the world’s top fashion and home decor brands. This next-generation system offers exceptional production efficiency through its single-step process. It is the first in the market to bring white printing on colored fabrics, enabling neon colors to shine and features the XDi technology for stunning 3D decorative applications. The upgrade from the previous Kornit Presto S model to Kornit Presto Max unlocks a world of expanded creative possibilities for designers, allowing them to explore new techniques, intricate patterns, and vibrant color combinations, resulting in truly unique and eye-catching fabric productions.

A Milestone in Exceptional Printing Solutions

The introduction of Kornit Atlas Max and the upgrade to Kornit Presto Max at Print Logistic marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering exceptional printing solutions in the digital textile industry. With the comprehensive and state-of-the-art printing infrastructure we are fully equipped to meet the evolving demands of the market, exceed customer expectations, and offer unrivaled printing solutions for clothing, fabrics, and textiles. We are ready to embark on this exciting new chapter, pushing the boundaries of digital printing and shaping the future of the industry. Join us on this journey as we continue to set new standards and deliver exceptional results for our valued clients.