Elevating Excellence. Print Logistic’s Q3 Achievements and Q4 Readiness.

Print Logistic

As we stand on the cusp of the final quarter of the year, Print Logistic takes a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve embarked on. With Q3 in the rearview mirror and Q4 on the horizon, it’s time to celebrate our remarkable achievements and unveil our strategic readiness for the forthcoming e-commerce season. […]

Empower Your Customers to Create Personalized Apparel and Fabrics with Our Customizers

Create Personalized Apparel and Fabrics

Discover Print Logistic’s Customizers – a groundbreaking tools designed to revolutionize the way you and your customers interact with apparel and fabrics. We believe that personalization is the future of the fashion industry, and our Customizers are at the forefront of this transformation. In the world of e-commerce, providing exceptional and personalized shopping experiences has […]

Print Logistic Empowers Digital Printing Capabilities with Cutting-Edge Machinery

Print Logistic - Kornit Atlas Max

At Print Logistic, unwavering commitment to growth and innovation has always been our driving force. We understand that staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry requires investing in the best, intelligent, and sustainable technologies. With great excitement, we unveil the arrival of new groundbreaking machines that will revolutionize our production capabilities and redefine the Fashion […]

Print Logistics Welcomes New International Growth Expert

Olesja Becker

We are delighted to welcome Olesja Becker, an experienced international growth expert, to the Print Logistics team. Olesja runs her own company for more than 12 years, where she specializes in internationalizing the fashion industry. Alongside her entrepreneurial pursuits, she has also lent her expertise as a management consultant to top-tier companies such as Otto […]

How to prepare the perfect print-on-demand image file?

Print on demand - how to prepare file

Do you want to turn your digital designs into awesome printed products? Thanks to print-on-demand (POD) services, it’s easier than ever before! But before you hit that “print” button, you need to make sure your image file is up to par. A low-quality image file can ruin even the best design, leaving you with a […]